Black women still hit a hard glass ceiling when aiming for higher office, though. Just 13 of the 513 representatives in the lower house of Brazil’s Congress are Afro-gorgeous brazilian girl, and the 81-member Senate has only one Black woman, Eliziane Gama. The first Black woman to have served as governor in Brazil, Benedita da Silva, this year lost her race to be mayor of Rio de Janeiro.

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On Facebook and Twitter, she posted catchy political jingles with lyrics like, “Preta prefeita, respeita a preta” – “The Black woman mayor, respect the Black woman” – done in a musical style popular in Brazil’s heavily Black northeast. In that campaign video, young Afro-Brazilians wearing face masks dance alongside Santana, who is also masked. That’s why running for office is more than a political campaign for Afro-Brazilian women, my research finds. As they drive around blaring messages from cars, hold town halls and run social media ads, they raise the racial consciousness of their constituents and expand their party’s political agenda. I interviewed Pietá and many other Black female politicians in Brazil between 2004 and 2007. This was during Brazil’s economic boom under the leftist president Inacio Lula da Silva. Most of the women whose campaigns I studied were from Lula’s Workers Party, but one, Eronildes Carvalho, was a right-leaning evangelical.

  • They represent a long history of gender violence and abuse that starts early in their lives.
  • Maternal absence at these stages of life can create exactly the kinds of behavior that incarceration was meant to reduce.
  • Moreover, the incarceration of women has repercussions on family, especially when children and teenagers are involved.
  • Prisoners are poor women coming from marginal and precarious living environments who may not have had access to quality health care.
  • Rather than a simple benefit, house-arrest, especially in combination with appropriate social services could go far to reduce the consequences of incarceration and also reduce individual and state debt.

Considering the total number of women of school age , the enrollment rate reached 25.5%. That is to say that one in four women was studying at the time of the survey.

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Thanks to these tactics, Silvestre said her group recently helped a woman and her young son to leave a situation of domestic abuse. Through their network, they quickly found a family willing to shelter them and also collected donations of food and a bed. Along with public information campaigns, grassroots groups are also distributing food and other basic items to households without incomes during the pandemic. Helena Silvestre, an activist with the Escola Feminista Abya Yala, an umbrella organisation for black women in São Paulo, describes how during such food deliveries they’ve also identified women at risk of abuse. “Right now, we are taking palliative action because the state is not showing up,” says Nascimento. Since Jair Bolsonaro’s far-right government took power after closely contested 2018 elections, critical social policies have been undermined and budgets to respond to violence against women have been cut. Activists are doing the work of failed or dismantled institutions.

Although men comprise the majority in the prison system , it is estimated that there are more than 714,000 women in penal facilities worldwide . The Brazilian female population incarcerated in 2014 was the fifth largest in the world. In 2016, the same population reached a total of 42,000, an increase of 656% over that recorded in the early 2000s. Such growth far exceeded that observed in the male population, of 293% .

“There’s a difference in the hair revolution ,” Sobral explains. “A lot of people are still discriminated against because of their hair in Brazil.” The popularity of Brazilian blowouts paired with Brazilian women’s portrayal in media has undoubtedly spotlighted sleek, straight hair as the most desirable look. Still, it hasn’t stopped women from welcoming their natural texture. “Some do it for humidity and frizz, but there’s something to be said about the preference of slick hair.” For Sobral, “Brazilian blowouts” were popular amongst friends and family, but she credits her parents for warning her of its potential risks. “I went out with a cousin to a club one time, and as she started sweating, her eyes started to burn,” she explains.